Fnatic parts ways with Europe’s most inspiring League of Legends head coach ahead of 2023

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One of Europe’s most iconic figureheads must find greener pastures in 2023.

After two memorable years with the orange and black, head coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi will be stepping away from Fnatic and looking for a new League of Legends organization to call home in 2023, the organization announced today.

The 26-year-old joined the perennial LEC champions at the end of 2020 after a quick stint in Korea as a coach for Sandbox Gaming. He was already a recognized leader in Europe and one of the most inspiring figures in the competitive space, especially after his time with Splyce and Team Vitality. He is also known for his motivating speeches before and after games.

“His energy and attitude made these last two years truly memorable,” Fnatic director Javi Zafra said. “His presence in the team continuously helped us push forward against the odds, even when things looked hard and impossible with this Summer Split being a prime example.”

Yamato’s time with Fnatic was filled with ups and downs that proved to be a great challenge, even with a roster loaded with veteran talent like Upset, Humanoid, Razork, Wunder, and Hylissang. The team’s behind-the-scenes issues were plentiful during his two years, including a tumultuous Worlds run where he had to help the team deal with the sudden absence of their star AD carry.

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