Napoli wins in San Siro against Milan and shares the top with Atalanta

The end of 7th fixture of Serie A has Napoli and Atalanta at the top. Both of them made two big wins against direct rivals for the championship and the top 4 spot and share together the first place.

Napoli got the win in a game against the champions. A win against Milan in San Siro no matter when it happens or in what conditions the teams are, is always a great achievement. Its an even bigger achievement now, because we are talking about the champions of Italy. Great win and huge statement from Napoli. Goals were scored by Politano in the 55th minute with a penalty, after a challenge Dest made, Giroud got Milan back in the game with a goal in the 69th minute with Theo Hernandez’s great assist but Napoli shot the last bullet with an amazing header from Simeone.

Atalanta earlier got a big away win too against Jose Mourinho’s Roma. This win at Stadio Olimpico was also a statement from Atalanta’s side, that they are here to fight until the end and do the best they can to even win the championship. The only goal of the match was scored by Scalvini in the 35th minute. Jose Mourinho got a red card at the 57th minute and will not be with his team in the next game, the same way Spalletti wasn’t with Napoli against Milan.  

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