Eurobasket of surprises, Greece, Serbia and Slovenia are OUT! Semi-Finals schedule

If there is something none of us would say before the start of Eurobasket is that neither Greece, Serbia nor Slovenia wouldn’t be at he top 4 at least. This Eurobasket however, is the Eurobasket of surprises. Of course, most teams that make it this far have some great players or a team full of stars. But this is not always enough, since even a bad night or not the right mentality from the start, can be enough for an all-star team to be eliminated.

That’s the case with the eliminations of Greece and Slovenia. Poland against Slovenia had the right mentality from the start of the game. Obviously, they had a great game with scoring a lot were always close and most of the match the leaders of the score. Slovenia with stars like Dragic and one of the best in the world, Luka Doncic got beat and didn’t manage to go through, with the fans blaming mostly their coach. For Poland, we can only praise the spectacular performance of Mateusz Ponitka who scored just the fourth triple-double in EuroBasket history. The Polish forward scored 26 points, grabbed 16 rebounds, and made 10 assists for 41 PIR, breaking his personal bests in all four categories with the Polish jersey.

Greece was another one of the great favorites. Great team, great coach and one of the best in the world too. They were eliminated by Dennis Schroder’s Germany who had the perfect game, scoring rapidly 3pointers and showing from the first minute they were hungrier than Greece. Schroder had 26 points and 8 assists but we should also Wagner’s and Obst’s performances with both of them having 5/7 three pointers. Another great performance from Giannis like all the other games with 31 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists.

Spain and France won their games against Finland and Italy and are through. Teams that at the start OF THE tournament weren’t counted as big favorites but these teams, especially Spain, have a great legacy. Even with this new team, with only one of the previous years legends Rudy Fernandez, they are one step from the final.

Friday, September 16PolandFrance17:15 EuroBasket
GermanySpain20:30 EuroBasket
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