Dana White Done Talking About Jake Paul: ‘The Guy has Nothing to Do With My Business’

LAS VEGAS–If Jake Paul does end up boxing Anderson Silva, as reports suggest, don’t bother asking UFC president Dana White about the contest.

Following Tuesday night’s Dana White’s Contender Series event at the UFC Apex, White was asked about his thoughts on the rumored matchup between the social media superstar and the former UFC middleweight champion, and the UFC boss made it clear he couldn’t care less.

“Stop asking me about Jake Paul, you guys,” White told the gathered media. “I don’t give a s— what Jake Paul does. I know you love this s—, and I know it gives you clicks, but come on. Come on. The guy has nothing to do with my business. Nothing to do with my business. He doesn’t fight for me. He’s not even in the same f—— sport as me.

“I don’t want to talk about him anymore. I don’t care.”

White has often been asked about Paul in recent years, with the YouTuber-turned-pro boxer earning victories in the squared circle over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, as well as three-time UFC veteran Ben Askren. Paul has done more than his share to fan the flames of any potential conflict, as well, repeatedly lashing out at White in expletive-filled rants while also criticizing the UFC’s pay structure for its athletes.

At times, White has taken the bait and fired back at the savvy influencer with more than 20 million YouTube subscribers, but he insists those days are done.

Still, he couldn’t help but offer one parting shot suggesting that “it’s about time” the 25-year-old Paul faced off with a legitimate boxer, even if “The Spider” is 47.

“I don’t give a s—, you know what I mean?” White said. “But if he’s really fighting Anderson Silva–if that’s true–it’s about time. Yeah, he’s got a real fight on his hands here, you know, regardless of how old Anderson is. That’s a real fight.”

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