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My recap of the Auckland event and then I give the results of the #predictorwars for week 5.

New and improved Predictor Wars.. More streamlined and legit now.

I got rid of the cancer and negative channels who attacked me and bashed my channel and competition. They have been trolling from the beginning and some are just bad people who wont promote the competition or the YouTube predictors community at all. They are losers who refuse to compete and give back to smaller channels who are building themselves up.

Shout out to all the channels promoting this each week and getting involved and having fun with it. You guys are the real winners.

2:09 Fight recaps start
29:27 Predictor Wars
35:38 Division 1
40:19 Division 2
45:07 Division 3
49:14 Division 4 *** 2 channels will make playoffs since there are 6 channels in this Division Top 2 get in. That makes it fair.

58:35 The cancer + haters division LAST MENTION OF THEM
They are out. Do not ask me about them anymore. They were given many chances to be cool and act like men. They chose not to. They dont want to be apart of this , they are gone. They had 2 months to be decent and they failed. I wont promote cancerous channels. I am only showing how they did because I made the mistake of including them and its my fault. So I am sending them out with their full complete tallies and points. But I am done with them. IF YOU WANT TO TRACK THEM. FEEL FREE AND YOU CAN PROMOTE THEM IF YOU WANT. I WONT. THIS IS MY COMPETITION AND IM BUSTING MY ASS DOING THIS EACH WEEK. THEY ARENT WORTH MY TIME ANYMORE. SO TRACK THEM IF YOU CHOOSE AND POST THEIR RESULTS IF YOU WANT. I JUST WONT BE MENTIONING THEM. THIS IS FOR THE REAL PREDICTORS.


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